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Love and Family planning in February 2017

Planetary position for February 2017 Sun, the king of zodiac is in Aquarius till 18th Feb. Later moves into Pisces. Mars, the planet for passion and fire is in Aries its own sign for entire February. Mercury, planet for communication is in Capricorn till 7th Feb and then moves into Aquarius on 8th Feb. Jupiter, …


Agnese Fūrmane – Astrologer Behind AstroSecret

My name is Agnese Fūrmane. I have studied Astrology professionally since I was 30, when I already had an education in Medicine and Psychology. All the time, I unconsciously sought answers to the questions that were important to me: ‘Why does everything happen the way it does?’ ‘Why does one person have it easy, and …


How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant?

For many women, there is the thought that as soon as you come off birth control you will get pregnant. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. According to statistics, just 20 couples out of 100 will find success within the first month. So, how long should you expect it to take to get pregnant, and …


Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making to Have a Baby

Trying to have a baby but finding it difficult? Do you go month after month and still find there’s no baby on the way? It is possible that you’re making these top five mistakes that many couples make trying to get pregnant. By knowing the mistakes, you can make some changes to improve your chance …


Boy or Girl? Baby Gender Predictor

Many parents-to-be choose to keep the baby’s gender a secret until the delivery day. However, most want to know it to timely start to prepare and buy all the necessary belongings. Options nowadays are overwhelming, including the opportunity to predict baby’s gender and your best days of ovulation. But how exactly these methods work and …