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Pregnancy planning 2018 and Baby Horoscopes 2018

Find out more about personalities of the children born in 2018!   2018 will bring into the world very purposeful and mentally strong personalities with a great capacity for a breakthrough. The children born this year frequently will turn out to be leaders and people ready to be in charge – the individuals, whose main …


Lunar Cycle Has A Huge Impact On Your Fertility

In the middle of 1950s a young Slovakian doctor named Eugen Jonas developed an idea about a new method for fertility when he found an ancient Assyrian handwriting and read a phrase: “A woman is fertile in the period of a particular Moon phase.” Based on this discovery Dr. Jonas did an in depth research …


Agnese Fūrmane – Astrologer Behind AstroSecret

My name is Agnese Fūrmane. I have studied Astrology professionally since I was 30, when I already had an education in Medicine and Psychology. All the time, I unconsciously sought answers to the questions that were important to me: ‘Why does everything happen the way it does?’ ‘Why does one person have it easy, and …